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Where did Sundae get its name?

The term Sundae, which refers to ice cream served with all sorts of toppings like fruits, nuts, candies, syrup, etc., came about in the 1880s in New England when ice cream sodas were so popular.

Folklore say that during those times, devout church leaders observed that people prefer having ice cream sodas than going to church.  They convinced local councils to ban ice cream sodas on Sunday, because enjoyment of the flavored treat overshadowed the reverence of the day.

To keep their businesses, soda fountains’ refrained from serving ice cream sodas but offered a new item on the menu, "Sundae," which is actually has the

same ingredients as an ice cream soda but without the carbonated soda and topped with chocolate syrup, fruit and nuts.

Since it was first served on a Sunday, enterprising soda fountain owners altered the spelling a bit to legally promote the dish without referring to the Lord’s day.

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