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When was wine discovered?

Though there was no exact date as to when the first wine was made, a Persian poet and astronomer named Omar ‘Khayyam (A.D. 1050-1122) claimed that wine was discovered by accident. According to his story, the first wine was drunk by a member of the Persian king's harem.

During that time, grapes were stored in jars for eating out of season. One day a jar of grapes were discovered to have developed foaming grapes and a strange smell. Thinking that the fruits have gone bad and could even be poisonous, the jar was set aside in the palace kitchen.

A harem woman who have lost favor with the King, suffered from recurring headaches and decided to end her life.  She drunk the contents of the jar with "poisoned" grapes thinking that it could end all her head and heartaches once and for all.

However, the woman didn't die.  Instead, her headache disappeared and she had this indescribable "happy feeling." She also became the life of the party in the palace and then sank into a restful sleep.

Since then, grapes were let to ferment in jars and then drunk as a cure for headache and a tonic for good sleep.

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