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When was the dentures invented?

The oldest false teeth discovered was from the skeleton of a 4500 year old man found by archaeologists in Mexico. The scientists found that the ancient dentures were made of animal teeth and that the man’s front teeth appear to have been ground down in order to make room for the fake teeth. These findings provide evidence that false teeth have history much longer than previously suspected.

In much recent history, false teeth have been made out of ivory, bone, porcelain, and, conveniently enough, actual human teeth, dating from as early as Etruscan civilizations of modern-day Italy in the pre-Roman period around 700 B.C. and on.

During Napoleon's time, it was said that human teeth used for dentures are harvested from the casualties in the battlefields. Porcelain gradually replaced human teeth as the denture material of choice for the wealthy. However, these tended to chip rather easily and were a bit too white to look like real teeth in the time when fluoride and teeth whitening were unheard of.

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