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What is the weirdest frog in the world?

Frogs are some of the weirdest animals on earth.  They are slimy, cold to the touch and come in a variety of species with different appearances ranging from cute to freaky. Some of the weirdest frog species include the hairy frog (Trichobatrachus robustus) which is characterized by hair-like structures on the body and thighs of the breeding male and the Indian balloon frog (Uperodon globulosus) which looks like its going to explode any time soon!

But when it comes to reproduction, the Surinam toad or star-fingered toad (Pipa pipa) has got to be the weirdest!  During copulation, the female Surinam toad releases the fertilized eggs, which get embedded in the skin on her back by the male's movements.  After implantation, the eggs sink into the skin and form pockets over a period of several days, eventually taking on the appearance of an irregular honeycomb.

The larvae develop through the tadpole stage inside these pockets, eventually emerging from the mother's back as fully developed toads (see the video below). Once they have emerged from their mother's back, the toads begin a largely solitary life.


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