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What is the fastest insect in the world?

The Australian dragonfly (Austrophlebia costalis) is known as the fastest insect in the world.  Experts say that these dragonflies can travel 36 miles per hour (about 16 meters per second).

Unlike bees which flap their wings about 300 times per second when in flight, dragonflies flap their wings at only about 30 beats per second. This is because dragonflies have two sets of wings so they don’t have to beat them as much to fly.

A dragonfly's eyes are large and multifaceted. There are about 30,000 lenses on each dragonfly eye and they can see all the way around it.  However, these eyes don’t see details very well.

The average life span of a dragonfly from the time it hatches from an egg is about six months to six years.  However, they only live as an actual dragonfly for only about two months. They live as nymphs in the water most of their time before metamorphosing into a full grown dragonfly.

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