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What is the Adam's apple and does it have a function at all?

The Adam’s Apple, scientifically called the laryngeal prominence, is the thyroid cartilage  which surrounds the larynx and creates a lump on the human neck. Contrary to popular belief, both men and women have the thyroid cartilage, but it is usually more prominent in adult men.

This cartilage got its name from an ancient folklore saying that the lump serves as a reminder of man's first sin in reference to the Biblical Adam.

In the book of Genesis, Adam swallowed the forbidden fruit and one large piece of the apple got stuck in his throat and remained there as an eternal reminder of his humility in the eyes of God.

The primary purpose of the Adam's apple is to provide protection for the larynx. The larynx is the part of the throat where the vocal cords are found. Pressure from the outside of the throat could damage those sensitive parts of the anatomy inside of the throat.

Cosmetic surgery to reduce the size of the Adam’s apple is called chondrolaryngoplasty which is basically shaving off the thyroid cartilage to make it less prominent.

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