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What are the smallest animals in the world?

Perhaps, when you were looking at bacteria from you hay infusion, you saw a large object swim across your field of view. This large object was a one-celled animal of the kind called protozoa. This name means "earliest form of animals," and refers to the fact that protozoa were probably the first animals to appear in the oceans of the earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

They are still water animals, and are found in the seas, lakes and streams. A single one of these animals is called a protozoan. A protozoan, like a bacterium, is a separate bit of living matter that can take in and use food, get rid of wastes, move, grow and reproduce. These are thousands of kinds. Most are harmless, but a few are harmful to man. Among the harmful ones are those that cause such diseases as malaria, dysentery and sleeping sickness.

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