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Is it true that prisoners in Venezuela can do anything, except leave the penitentiary?

Not all prisoners in Venezuela are happy for being incarcerated but jailbirds in the infamous San Antonio Prison on Margarita Island are having so much fun to even think of  leaving the slammer!

What inmate, in his right mind, would leave a party place called San Antonio Penitentiary, where lodging is free and there are so much to enjoy like frequent bikini parties (with skimpily-clad female visitors), drugs (you can get high by simply sniffing the air!) and guns (the long ones)? If you want to join the festivities, all you have to do, is get caught smuggling into Venezuela.

Inmates here, mostly convicted smugglers and drug traffickers, can pretty much do anything they please. Aside from the bikini parties and drugs, there's a cockfighting arena, a club playing dance music, a billiard hall, what else can a bored inmate ask for?

The only downside is that prisoners cannot leave, at least until they are done with their sentence.  The penitentiary is well-guarded by soldiers in green fatigues and high-power firearms while sharpshooters man the watchtowers.

Despite the high security, the crime rate inside San Antonio is quite high which is not surprising at all. What do you expect from a prison where drugs and guns are seen as ordinary daily necessities? And where committing another act of felony would only ensure another year or even a lifetime in the happiest slammer in the world?

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