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Is it true that face-shaving can make women look younger?

Have you heard of that old wives' tale that say that women who shave their faces look younger? A lot of women swear that doing this ritual each day gives their faces a smooth, exfoliated look.

Dr. Edward Domanskis, a plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, say that shaving really works wonders on women's faces.  Strange as it may sound, Dr. Domanskis claims that "The constant cellular rejuvenation not only results in a cleaner complexion, but also should slow the aging process."

"This may also be one of the reasons why, in spite of all the lotions and potions that women apply to their faces, men, on average, tend to show less comparable signs of aging," he added.

If you are going to try this tip, make sure to have steady hands. It's kinda awkward to explain to your friends how you got those razor nicks on your face.


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