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Is it true that crocodiles can't chew?

Yes, it’s true. These fearsome creatures don't even bother to chew their prey. They eat them whole! However, they don't swallow their food because don't have table manners but because their jaws aren’t designed to move sideways and can’t grind food down in a traditional chewing motion like what we humans do.

So that they don't choke up on a huge prey, like this impala on the video below, crocodiles rip off large chunks of their prey and swallow those chunks whole. Pretty nasty.

Crocodiles have very powerful bite. Their jaws may not move sideways, but their up and down motion is so strong, it can snap shut with thousands of pounds of force! On the other hand, the muscles required to open the jaw are much weaker — all it takes is a strong rubber band to keep a croc's mouth shut.

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