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How to control junk food cravings


Admit it or not, there are instances when we can’t help craving for potato chips, chocolate bars, burgers, fries and other junk foods. Since our childhood, our moms have repeated, time and again, that these sugar and sodium-packed foodstuff are not good for us but we still want them. A couple of my friends even talk about a junk food conspiracy theory which involves food giants and their goal to poison our food, to make it addictive, and to manipulate our very body chemistry. But that’s another story.

Giving up junk food is a very important step if you want to lose weight or maintain your ideal poundage. I know it will not be easy but with a lot determination and the following helpful tips, it is not impossible. Get rid of all junk food in your house and desk at work. You will be less likely to have a craving for it if it is not in sight. And you will not have access to any junk food if a craving does hit. Drink lots of water. If you feel full from the water, you will no longer want the junk food that was on your mind earlier. Chew on a piece of sugar free gum until the junk food craving is gone. Chewing a piece of a gum will take care of the boredom that sometimes causes junk food cravings. Instead of chips, nibble on fruits or veggies like apples, celery, carrots.  They give you the same crunch without the unwanted salt and fats.

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