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How much blood does it take to get a man's penis erect?

penisA man gets an erection when the penis enlarges and stiffens. It is a complex process that happens as a result of changes within the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the penis. The regulation of blood flow into and out of the penis is what makes an erection possible. On average, it takes two tablespoons of blood to get a man's penis erect.

During an erection pressure in the penis is at least twice the pressure of blood in the main circulation.

This is possible because of the muscles of the pelvic floor contract around the base of the corpora cavernosa.

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  1. Belen 16 September, 2015 at 10:19 Reply

    dude don’t fret guys all over the world have different size penises and you have the best thing going for you you’re young and still developing relax man you still have several years of growing tine ahead of you. the best advice i can give you is sit back and chill and don’t sweat the small stuff (no pun intended). and don’t get caught up in the curiosity thing of comparing with your friends either until you grow down there a little bit.

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