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How do giraffes find a mate?

Male giraffes find possible mates thru their own version of a urine test. This is not an easy task for the male giraffe, his long neck makes it even more tedious.

The mating ritual of these long-necked creatures start when a male happens upon a female. The "bull" (that's what you call a male giraffe) performs a procedure known as the "flehmen sequence" to find out if the "cow" (that's what you call a lady giraffe) is in estrus (in heat).

The procedure involves nudging the cow's rump with his head to induce urination. Here's the weird part: the  bull then takes a mouthful of urine. If it tastes good to him, then he begins to court her. Giraffe courtship is quite simple, the bull basically follows the cow around until she gives in and lets him have her! The old adage "patience is a virtue," holds true for these gentle giants!


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