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Do the "dimples" on a golf ball have a purpose?

Aside from making them cute (kidding!), golf ball dimples have a purpose.  These minute depressions (336 to be exact) on the surface of the golf ball maximize the distance the ball travel. Dimpled balls travel up to four times farther than smooth-surfaced golf balls.

Golf enthusiasts in the olden days discovered that that old, bumpy balls traveled longer distances compared to smooth-surfaced balls which is the standard during those times.

According to the science of aerodynamics, the dimples reduce the drag on a golf ball by redirecting more air pressure behind the golf ball rather than in front of it. The higher levels of pressure behind the golf balls force them to go far distances.

The dimples change the levels of pressure by bringing the main air stream very close to the surface of the golf ball. The dimples, or "turbulators," increase the turbulence in the layer of air located next to the surface of the ball. This high-speed air stream near the ball increases the amount of pressure behind the ball-thereby forcing the ball to travel farther.


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