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Do eyebrows have a purpose?

berts eyebrowYes, eyebrows keep our eyes dry from rain or sweat by diverting the flow of water or sweat away from our peepers. Our arch-shaped eyebrows angle the rain or sweat around to the side of our faces - leaving our eyes fairly dry. By catching the water or sweat, our eyebrows not only allow us to see more clearly, but also keep salty sweat from burning or irritating our eyes.

Aside from keeping moisture away from our eyes, eyebrows also gives us an idea on how people are feeling without ever really asking them. If a person's eyebrows are frowning, chances are they are mad or upset. If their brows are raised, chances are they don't believe what you've said!

In addition, eyebrows have an increasing impact on our beauty/fashion culture over the years. Thick, hairy and big eyebrows tend to be characterized as unattractive while thin and plucked eyebrows are said to be more attractive. But don't pluck every eyebrow hair out! A tattooed eyebrow is just not cool, unless you are already 72!

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