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Who invented the microwave oven?

Radarange - The first microwave ovenThe microwave oven was invented by mistake when an engineer, by the name of Percy LeBaron Spencer, noticed that the radiation from a magnetron tube he is testing melted the chocolate bar he had in his pocket.

During World War II, Spencer was one of the leading experts in radar tube design working for Raytheon, a weapons and military  electronics contractor associated with the American Department of Defense. He headed the division tasked to develop and produce combat radar equipment for M.I.T.’s Radiation Laboratory.

while building magnetrons one day, Spencer noticed the candy bar he had in his pocket had melted while he was standing in front of an active radar set. Intrigued, he investigated on what caused the candy bar to melt. He experimented with food, including popcorn kernels, which became the world’s first microwaved popcorn.

Spencer then took a kettle and cut a hole on its side.  He placed a whole egg in the kettle and positioned the magnetron to direct the microwaves into the hole. The result was the egg exploding in the face of one of his co-workers, who were looking in the kettle to observe.


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