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How Do Giraffes Sleep?

How Do Giraffes SleepWith their eyes closed, of course! Kidding aside, giraffes have some of the most unconventional ways of sleeping. Because they are the tallest living land animals courtesy of their necks that could reach to 6 feet long, it requires them a lot of effort and balance to stand up from the sitting position.

Thus, these gentle giants would rather rest standing on their legs than risk being the lions’ dinner. In this position, giraffes can immediately run to safety in case they sense an attack from predators. They can run up to 35 mph, which gives adult giraffes a fighting chance to escape hungry predators which see them as moving buffet spreads! Unfortunately, it is not the same case for younger giraffes especially the newborns. About half of young giraffes fall prey to lions during the first year. (more…)

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