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Who invented ice cream?

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like ice cream. This frozen sweet and creamy treat is said be enjoyed by folks since time immemorial and many have been claiming that they started it all.

During the time of Roman Emperor Nero, frozen desserts were luxury items.  To get his fix for the chilled treat, Nero sends his slaves into bitter cold mountains to get the freshest snow which was then mixed with nectar, fruit pulp, and honey for flavor.

In China, the history of ice cream dates back to the T’ang period, as a specialty only the country’s rulers can enjoy. King T’ang of Shang is said to keep ninety-four “ice men” under his employ to carry huge ice blocks from frozen lakes to the palace.  The ice is used to make a concoction of koumiss (heated, fermented milk), flour, and camphor.


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